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Privacy Policy

HIPAA Compliance


Independence Blue Cross (IBX) is committed to protecting the privacy of our members’ personal health information. Part of that commitment is to comply with the privacy rule of the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996). That rule sets standards for covered entities, such as IBX, to protected health information (PHI) and allow an individual access to his or her PHI.

IBX has completed activities required for compliance with the privacy rule and has implemented policies and procedures necessary to protect the privacy of our members’ PHI.

For more information contact the Privacy Office.

Administrative simplification

HIPAA also requires that all payers be capable of performing transactions electronically if requested by providers, groups, or insurance companies; and that transactions must use a standard “HIPAA-compliant” format with regard to file formats, codes, identification numbers, etc. Examples of transactions that fall under these regulations include enrollment records, eligibility information, premium payments, claim submissions, and claim status.

IBX completed all internal system changes and processes to accept and handle the required electronic transactions.


The HIPAA regulations also include a security rule. On April 21, 2005, the security rule set the standard to ensure the privacy of electronic protected health information. IBX has implemented the requirements of the rule and continually monitors and manages the required security controls. IBX continues to implement new technologies that improve the security of infrastructure beyond the requirements of the HIPAA security regulation.

For more information contact the Security Office.

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