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Welcome, Members!

Independence Blue Cross makes it easy to get the most from your health plan. We are pleased to provide members like you with convenient online resources and a full range of innovative programs and services to keep you healthy and informed.

Member Help Team

Independence Blue Cross would like to introduce you to the Member Help Team, our Medicare Customer Service program. The team will serve as your direct line to customer service dedicated to ensuring that you, our Medicare members, receive the special care and attention you deserve.

Health Resources

We offer a variety of health resources for our members including our Healthy Lifestyles SolutionsSM program, which is designed to educate and encourage healthy behavior through active participation. We also offer a condition management program, which supports members who have everyday health concerns, or more serious chronic conditions.

Plan Documents

For your convenience, some of our most commonly requested manuals, guides, and forms for members are available online.

Your Member Portal ibxpress.com

Our new and enhanced ibxpress.com member website now makes it easier than ever to find the information you need - when you need it - to help you make more informed decisions about your health and health care.

Get up-to-date claims, referral, payment, and plan information; search for the right provider with the Find a Doctor tool; or ask any question with immediate feedback.

Prescription Drugs

If you are enrolled in an Independence Blue Cross plan with Medicare Part D coverage, your covered drugs are listed in our Formulary/Drug list.

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